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Faber-Castell pens and pencils

The brand started with humble beginnings in 1761 when the craftsman Kaspar Faber started making the first Bleyweissstift pencils in a small workshop near Ansbach in Germany. From there the Faber-Castell brand has gone from strength to strength and now produce a wide range of writing instruments from technical pens and pencils to general purpose office pens.

Faber-Castell design range pens and pencils

Faber-Castell Design Range: The ‘Design’ series from Faber-Castell aims to provide a pleasurable writing experience for the user by combining attractive designs with functionalism. Includes fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils in various deisgns and finishes.

Faber-Castell refills

Faber-Castell Refills: range of refills including super polymer leads, ink cartridges and converter. All of Faber-Castell's refills are of a standard International size and will therefore be compatible with pens from a number of manufacturers.